branks plural

  1. a punishment device, especially for scolding women, consisting of a cage to enclose the head, with a metal gag for the mouth
    • 1836: Plot, in his History of Staffordshire, describes the branks used at Newcastle-under-Lyme, and at Walsall, in the reign of James II. — The Gentleman"s Magazine, July 1836 p.98

6 letters in word "branks": A B K N R S.

No anagrams for branks found in this word list.

Words found within branks:

ab abs an ar arb arbs ark arks ars as ask ba ban bank banks bans bar bark barks barn barns bars bas bask bra bran brank brans bras ka kab kabs kans karn karns kas kbar kbars knar knars krab krabs krans ksar na nab nabk nabks nabs nark narks nas ran rank ranks ras sab san sank sar sark ska skran snab snar snark